Sunday, February 18, 2007

Who's In and What They're Saying

"March 22nd you all have an assignment. An assignment to buy a specific track from iTunes both for a good cause AND to show the power and community of new media. Full details soon. You can be damn sure you’ll be hearing more about it from me on every channel I’ve got! I’m not going to allow people to write this one off and to forget about it. The inspiration is way to important to do that!" - C.C. Chapman, Accident Hash

"Alright man, i'm on board! i've posted it a few places already and i'll be bringing it up on the show. sounds like a great idea and pretty simple execution. let's show them that the customers run things around here..." - Drew Domkus, The Dawn and Drew Show

"This is going to be cool - on one day everybody we can round up in social media will buy one specific track on a day in March in iTunes. The affiliate money made will go to a college scholarship..." - John Wall, The M Show

"March 22, 2007 is a day that will stand in podcasting history." - Todd Wachtel, Jersey Toddshow

"On March 22, 2007, a bunch of podcasters are aiming to game the charts in the iTunes Music Store for at least a day by asking everyone involved in podcasting to buy just one song, a specific song, Mine Again by Black Lab, that day. The effort, called Bum Rush the Charts, is designed to demonstrate to old media that podcasting has reach and more importantly, purchasing power." - Christopher Penn, Financial Aid Podcast

"There's a word for what the record companies have been doing: racketeering. Now it's time for us to show them that podcasting is a true mechanism of change." - Mark Yoshimoto Nemcoff, Pacific Coast Hellway

"I’m going to participate, because I think the idea’s pretty fun, and it does point a finger in the eye of some of the numbers the world uses to guide its decisions." - Chris Brogan,

"Okay music fans, everyone knows that you are the real power behind the "new" music industry and now is your chance to prove it. On March 22nd, we are going to BUM RUSH THE CHARTS!! That's right, the worldwide podcast community is going to flex our collective muscle and push Black Lab's "Mine Again" to the top of the iTunes music chart!" - Chris Doelle, PMC Top 10

"New London Fire supports indies in every way shape or form. Even the
sweet indie coffee shop next door. They have great espresso! This
rules." - New London Fire

"On March 22, we’re asking everyone to spare 99 cents to make a statement. We’re going to make an independent and podsafe artist #1 on iTunes." - Eric Skiff, TPN Alternative Music Show

"I like the idea except for the revenue being given to Apple for DRM-laden media files. They can have my 99 cents to make this statement. I’m in. On March 22, I’ll be making music mine again." - Kevin from the Schwagcast

"This is a great idea and I'm in and trying to get things going in Japan. I'm contacting some other podcasters here who may not have heard. I'll announce it on my next show and play Mark Yoshimoto Nemkoff's "THE ITUNES TAKEOVER ANNOUNCEMENT". - Tokyo Dan, What's Happening In Tokyo podcast

"I'm buying on the 22nd of March, and try to get my listeners to do the same.
Looking out for the promo's." - Rob from the StamPodcast

"Great idea. Let's do it!" - DigiVegas Indie Podcast

"I just would like you to know Jaycast is in full support of the movement and I will of course be putting links on our Podshow and .Mac websites and spreading the word on the show." - Jaycast Jay

"Great idea and a great band to get started with :-) I'll be buying..." - Three From Leith Podcast

"Giving the finger to old media, buying a kick ass track from a pod friendly group, and giving someone the opportunity to get some money for college, what’s not to like? I’m in and will encourage all of you to help out too." - Coal Cracker Radio

"That ROCKS!! If we can do anything to help, just let us know!! FIGHT THE MAJORS!!! KEEP INDIE ALIVE!! BUY INDIE MUSIC!!" - Western Civ Rock

"Thanks fer checkin' us out! hope your project goes well and you show the record companies what they are doing wrong." - Real Gone

Did you post the badge and a blog post that didn't get mentioned here? Link to it in the comments!


Livewire Recordings said...

Here over at Livewire Recordings, we are more than happy to show our support & see if WE can make this work! I will definitely keep my fingers crossed & look forward to podcasters in general receiving better positive recognition...not to mention finding a new way of beating the system, (so to speak)!

Cheers to MARCH 22, may it be all we hope it to be!

-Livewire Recordings

grass said...

This is a great idea!!! fricken rocks!!

webgyrl said...

This is such a cool idea! I would love to be involved if possible. Did you guys pick the track you are going to be pushing yet?

Podsafe Revolution said...

the track will be Mine Again by the band Black Lab. Find the link at

Remember, don't buy until March 22nd!!

Michael said...

Michelle and I are in!

The Mike and Michelle Show

Paul said...

I'm in - fantastic brilliant idea. Blogged and linked at

drew said...

in like flynn

jake359 said...

I'm IN
Badge linked, and will be mentioning it on the show

Get Jacked!

Zack "The Mothman" Daggy said...

I'm in!

I'll be promoting it each week until 3/22 on my show The Mothpod, by playing one promo and one Black Lab song per episode.

BTW, badges are posted on all of my sites.

Zack "The Mothman" Daggy

P.D. Love said...

You know the LoveHouse is in!! Let's shake some corporate tailfeathers!!

rooter said...

It's on my bulletin. Not sure how many people can buy here in Taiwan but we'll see what we can do.


Anonymous said...

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